The British are smiling...

The British have good reason to be smiling all the way to the Algarve!

The pound has I the last 6 months jumped over 15% against the euro meaning that for the brits is time to go shopping down south where prices have continued the slow upward pace as pressure mounts on now limited stocks of good quality properties across the Algarve.

With the pound at these levels it’s not surprising that sales have increased substantially, as savings can be significant for buyers looking for a good value flat or villa. Most Algarve properties for sale have now become very reasonably priced bargains.

Is this trend going to continue? We certainly think so, judging by the number of contacts and real sales that we are experience at two months into 2015.

With the QE, the ECB program to boost the European economy, starting on the 1st of March for an unlimited period, there is going to be a lot of liquidity around, placing further downward pressure on the euro and again, boosting the British pound. 

My advice to British potential buyers is, don’t sit on the fence too long, well informed buyers are taking advantage of the opportunities.


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