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Property Services in Algarve

What you can expect
All the help you need after your purchase

The relationship we develop with you, our client, is based not only on the sale process up to the completion, but on the aftersales service we will provide.
After your successful investment in a property in the Algarve, there is so much more that needs to be done. We will of course help you settle in with such things as overseeing that utilities are now connected and in your name, introducing you to the garden maintenance people, giving your relevant contacts for general maintenance and in general be there for you when you need help.


The selection of associates

We have been in the Algarve Property Market since 1997 and over the years, through a lot of frustration and disappointment, trial and error, we selected and have created a network of partners and associates for the different property related services that will provide you with the best services available in the Algarve. Because we know this people well and because they have proven themselves to us, we have made them our associates and part of our aftersales services network.


The network

To better accommodate your needs as a client we can help you in a variety of issues such as:

- Property financing
- Tax law
- Construction work
- Architectural design
- General maintenance
- Air conditioning
- Garden and pool maintenance                                  
- Interior decoration and curtains                             
- Property rentals
- Transferring attorneys
- Building surveyors
- Iron works
- Electric gates
- Aluminum windows and doors


We committed to providing you with the solutions, service and support to help you settle in the Algarve.


> Ask us! If you need any property related services we will help you find the right people for the job!