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The Sea

About the Algarve sea


The Algarve sea is the result of Atlantic ocean meets the Mediterranean sea, the result being a cooler water to the west towards the Atlantic and warmer temperatures going east towards the Mediterranean sea.

The sea is another important part of the Algarve lifestyle, one that’s also closely bound to nature. You can see locals wading into the Atlantic at low tide to find cockles and barnacles, and all along the coast, fishermen, who learnt the trade from their fathers, go out for squid and octopus, for sardines and tuna. Against this backdrop of real life is the layer for holidaymakers.

There is an abundance of several kinds of fish, making it a staple diet for a lot of the population.

If you take one of the many cruises on offer across the Algarve you can visit the most beautiful caves that line up the west coast towards Sagres or you can simply sail out for an intense and unique experience and see dolphins, turtles or seabirds in the wild.

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