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About  Algarve sport


The beautiful all year round sunny weather of the Algarve region makes it an ideal destination for the practice of a wide variety of sports such as: fishing, sailing, boating, diving, karting, biking, hiking, horse riding, tennis and really so many more to mention.

Soccer is widely practiced by the Portuguese and the nationals love their soccer and their favourite team is the local Farense based in Faro. Some international soccer teams from northern Europe also come to the Algarve during the winter months to train as the conditions and the weather are very pleasant.

The International Algarve Racing Track is on the most recent additions to the sport scene with its numerous competitions at national and international level.

Golf is undoubtedly the king of all sports in the Algarve, with over 40 golf courses and again many national and international competitions including the Portugal Masters.

Enjoy your sport in the Algarve!