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Barbara is our Foreign Currency Expert in the Algarve.

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Currency Exchange


Don’t risk losing money to currency fluctuations!


If you’re considering buying a property in Portugal, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with currency exchange and to protect your money accordingly.


Nobody can predict currency movements, and in some cases the pound to euro exchange rate can change by 5, 10, and even 20% in a matter of days or weeks. This can add thousands of pounds to the price of the property you are looking to buy, potentially making it unaffordable.


Acting at the right time will ensure you can secure your dream property in Portugal.


Our partner, Smart Currency Exchange, is FCA regulated and offers tailored transfer solutions to protect your property buying budget.


Registering for an account with Smart is easy and completely free, taking just a few minutes over the telephone, with no obligation to trade. Your assigned Personal Trader – who is paid on service not commission - will find the best solution for you.


What can Smart Currency Exchange offer you?

  • A ‘forward contract’ that locks in the current exchange rate for up to a year
  • A regular payment plan to automate regular overseas payments
  • A spot contract for when money needs to be sent quickly


Be informed and maximise your investment by contacting the experts directly.


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