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About Renting

Make your property work for you!


The rental option

Some clients make their investment in Algarve Property with the sole purpose of acquiring a beach or golf holiday home or they simply looking to retire to a quitter and sunnier place; however renting out your property at specific times can definitely be a good way of generating some income to help out with the running costs of the property. And the returns can be quite interesting.


You have two ways for doing it:

1- Contract the services of a professional rental company that will charge you a fee for the running and renting out of your property. You can choose from a variety of packages depending on the services you are willing to do yourself. Of course the more services you contract out, the more you can expect to pay and this will include things like, paying the utility bills, cleaning and maintenance of the property.

You make less money but probably have fewer worries.

2- You do it yourself and reap the benefits of a higher income. This means that you will have to be full hands on in the running and up keeping of the property and of course be actively involved in the marketing of your property for the purpose of finding the people that will be renting from you. You can do that through your network of friends, use social media or you can use the services of professional rental websites available for you to list your property, such as, that will provide you with useful information on how to go about it; it’s quite simple when you get used to the process.

Renting out is a fantastic way of taking in some extra income during the periods that you not using your property! It’s important to remember however that you need to comply with certain legal formalities; you need to get a rental license, but quite easily obtained.


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