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The Beaches

About the beautiful Algarve beaches


The Algarve is best known for its beaches and has just recently received from the WTA – World Travel Awards, the award for “Europe’s leading Beach destination”. The beaches are among the best and cleanest in Europe, from the 150 named beaches, about 70 carry the European Union "Blue Flag", an undeniable simbol of the quality of the beaches.

The Algarve 200 km coastline boasts some of the world’s most beautiful and picture perfect beaches, sometimes small, in secluded coves and hard to get to, in the midst of ochre cliffs, sometimes they stretch for miles bordered by pine forests or golf courses and luxury villas; each is a jewel with its unique charm waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. The golden soft sand and crystal blue waters make the Algarve beaches hard to beat, placing it constantly on the list of best beach destinations in the world.  

With a Mediterranean micro climate and very comfortable temperatures varying from 16º in winter to 30º in summer, the Algarve not only has great summertime weather, with water temperature at about 20º, but also a very long season suitable for those sun seeking tourists lounging on the beach enjoying the over 3000 hours of sunshine per year and extends from early spring to late autumn. Both spring and autumn are great seasons to visit Algarve as the weather is still nice and warm, but the beaches and towns are much less crowded than during the summer season.

Come and have fun in the sun!