The French ...

Yes, the French are coming!

In the last three years the French have been flocking to the Algarve in great numbers due to the favorable tax incentives offered by the Portuguese government and running way from the crazy taxes the French government is imposing on them.

Yes the French are coming... in big numbers!

The result has been great and was the shot in the arm everyone in the Algarve Property market was waiting for; the prices seem to have bottomed out and are actually and slowly creeping up.

Who are the French buying in the Algarve and what are they buying? A mix of people from all walks of life, mainly middle, upper middle and high class; they investing in all types of property from the average two bedroom apartment to multi million euro luxury villas. They prefer contemporary designs and interiors are very demanding in their choices.

The very interesting thing is that the most French buyers were not aware of the cheer beauty of the Algarve, the fantastic food, the friendliness of the people, the wonderful weather and above all the lifestyle.

This unexpected but very pleasant surge in the number of French visitors is without a doubt, making everybody very happy indeed, the Portuguese government, the business people, the restaurants and the property owners now looking at a brighter future for the Algarve Property market.


At we very thankful to all the French clients that have chosen our services to purchase a property in the Algarve, Portugal and are ready to continue welcoming new clients and helping them find their dream home in the sun.
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