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It was with great pride that we accepted the challenge proposed by idealista and gave our testimony on the new idealista/news topic: “Brokers from home diaries”.


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AlgarveProperty.com: This real estate agency plays all the cards, because "we can't stop" doing business


The testimony of the real estate agency on the new topic “Brokers from home diaries” from idealista/News.

Algarve Property


In the Algarve region, since 1997. More than 20 years later, AlgarveProperty.com continues leading and wanting to serve clients. During pandemic times, this real estate agency is working from home and continues to make all efforts to be near each client. Under the topic “Brokers from home diaries"

” idealista/news, explains that is necessary to keep "the buyers and sellers motivated" and that "we can not stop".

"Our unique way of dealing with real state affairs and our magnificent consultants team, allows us to focus, mainly, on our clients needs and since the first moment we try to provide the right advice for the right decision, either when investing or selling", this is how the real estate agency presents itself, by the words of its Sales Director, Ricardo Marques.

Ricardo Marcos, diretor de vendas  / Algarve Property

Ricardo Marcos, Sales Diretor / AlgarveProperty.com

Ricardo adds that at AlgarveProperty.com all our consultants are bilingual in Portuguese and English and that there are those who speak French, German, Spanish and Italian. An asset that is, moreover, essential, in a company in which the clients investing are mostly foreigners. He also says that daily activities vary amongst many, in receiving and handling new leads, qualifying new potential buyers, prospecting new property listings, organizing and scheduling visits and constant contact with the client before, during and after the negotiation process.

"All of these tasks keep up the spirit and dynamics of a successful and excellent team, which guarantees the results that we are consistently acheiving year after year", states.


The answer to the Covid-19 pandemic

Ricardo Marcos says that adapting to the new reality was taken “very seriously”. The team started working from home on March 18, 2020 - when the state of national emergency was declared, maintaining this way all client activities. It goes further by saying that the company CRM was already based “on an online structure” and that, therefore, this change was easy for them. "As long as we have an internet connection and a mobile phone, we can continue to perform our routines "almost" normally", he adds.

For the real estate sales director, personal contact, meetings, physical property viewings and "sharing feelings and emotions that are so important in the real estate business" are the main limitations imposed by this new reality. Closed borders and various mobility constraints also "affect a lot the business" and consequently the results, since the majority of buyers are foreigners.

Escritórios da empresa / Algarve Property
Company's office/ AlgarveProperty.com

Facing this new reality, he mentions that they are trying to "keep buyers and sellers motivated, either through constant contact and shared information by email and phone, or through virtual visits by video call when requested or by 360º and 3D viewings already available in many of the properties".


“We can not stop”

Despite the outbreak has paralyzed people and the economy in general, Ricardo Marcos says that AlgarveProperty.com continues to close deals, “obviously in a very reduced percentage when compared with the reality prior Covid-19”, arguing that “we can not stop”. "We must do everything in our power to maintain our image and to be close to all our clients".

In a future that is "quite uncertain", it is impossible to predict "the duration and impact that this pandemic will have to our business in particular and to the economy in general", Ricardo considers that the team just needs to continue to be present "providing a professional and service of excellence"


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