Algarve - Top Option for Living and Retiring Abroad After Covid-19 Crisis!



We don’t know when but certainly, COVID-19 will be restrained and world markets and economies will recover.



From a post-crisis perspective, where in the world will be the best option for retiring abroad?


Forbes Magazine published past week an article mentioning the top 3 options for living and retiring abroad after the coronavírus crisis, placing Portugal’s Algarve Coast as the number 1 option, followed by Mazatlan, Mexico and Cayo, Belize.


Forbes helps explain why Portugal´s Algarve Region is not only the top option to choose when retiring but also one of the best places in the world to live thanks to its: 

Year-round Sunshine- The Algarve enjoys one of the most stable climates in the world with sunshine barely all year round, meaning more sunny days than almost anywhere else in Europe.

Great Beaches- The European Blue Flag Association has recognized the excellent water quality and environmental standards by awarding 88 beaches along the Algarve coast with the Blue Flag status.

Golf- The Algarve has more than 40 golf courses dispersed throughout the region, all with different characteristics and unique conditions for the practice of the sport. 

Safety- Portugal is positioned as the third safest country in the World.  

Retiree Residency- At this moment, Portugal offers the most user-friendly residency option in the Euro-zone. You can easily qualify to live in the country full-time just by presenting a reliable income of more than €1.200 per month.  

Language– Being English widely spoken in the Algarve, you could get by without the necessity of learning Portuguese. 

Health Care- In Portugal health care can be considered of high quality and costs a fraction of what is charged in the US. Public health care is free if you become a resident

Affordable Cost of Living - On average the cost of living in Portugal is 30% lower than in any other country in Western Europe.

Healthy way of LivingGreat variety of fresh fish and an abundance of fresh produce is available in the ever-present daily markets. Meantime, pollution in the Algarve region is insignificant and the beaches clean and litter-free


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