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Explore the County of ALJEZUR.



A county of wild landscapes and still untouched by development. Located in a fertile valley, agriculture is it's economic engine along with tourism.

With 323 km² and 5.500 inhabitants, about half reside in the village of Aljezur, and the remaining live throughout the hamlets and clusters of houses scattered in the rich agricultural lands.



Although this county is a strip of land by the sea, Aljezur has no fishing port, but the fish here is fresh and of the best quality, as sport fishing in Aljezur is a daily constant. The coastal Sportfishing combined with the excellent agriculture practiced in the region, make the gastronomy of the area the most impressive and healthy in the Algarve, with genuine flavors based on simplicity

The Hospitality Industry is family-run (B&B), so there are no Spa's or golf courses, all geared mainly towards sporting and adventure tourism, including surfing, fishing, biking, etc...



The castle of Aljezur, of Moorish origin, was once a strong point in the defense of the Algarve against the Christian invading hordes. The presence of the Moors in the region was the reason why the Vila gained its name, as did most villages and places that start with Al ..., including the Algarve itself.

Here, time runs slower.

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