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The council of Vila do Bispo it's the place that most has endured the presence of tourism, preserving much of its simple appearance and where it seems that time does not pass.


A rich region bathed by warm Mediterranean currents to the south and cold Atlantic currents in the west. For this reason, the region has always offered sea bounty and thrive Paleolithic civilizations, that left countless marks of their passage.



In Vila do Bispo region, there are several monuments from this primordial mankind times, such as the menhirs scattered in various areas.


Nowadays the same marine abundance makes this coast the capital of sport fishing. The west coast of the county, presents the best places in the world for surfing and it is noteworthy that the surfers and windsurfers are the largest source of tourist in the council.



In terms of gastronomy, everything turns around the sea, from the tastiest fish to the freshest seafood of the Algarve.

The entire coastline of the county is classified as 'protected landscape' under the 'Natural Park of Costa Vicentina'.

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