Solid Demand, No Supply


The solid demand and the falling supply is expected to continue to support the house price recovery.

The imbalance between rising buyer enquiries and falling new sales listings continues to underpin a steady increase in house prices.

In the current sales market, we at  are facing some challenges as new instructions to sell have dropped back modestly despite the solid demand backdrop, resulting in sales volumes recording only marginal increases. Nevertheless, going forward, transactions are expected to pick up at a faster pace in the near term as sellers are encouraged by the higher prices their properties are commanding.

In the past 6 years there was basically no new construction and no new housing coming on to the Algarve Property market and it will take some years for builders, developers and banks to respond to this upward trend.

With demand by far outstripping supply, house prices in general continued to recover across all regions throughout the year, confirmed by most of the latest data suggesting the rate of house price inflation is accelerating across the Algarve Property market.

Our forecast based on our own experience and the mixed information about the sector from reliable sources is a probable property price increase of about 5% per annum for the next 6 to 10 years.

We have been suggesting strongly for the last two years to our potential investors that it’s time to move in and invest strongly in the Algarve Property market and reap the benefits. Some have done so and are smiling.

If you sting on the fence, please move in, the time is now.

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