Brexit - Keep Calm


Brexit and the Algarve – Keep Calm and Invest

It’s been dramatic and tense since the results of the United Kingdom referendum were announced and the EU abandonment decision was taken. This is history in the making, for the UK and for Europe; what happens next?
Their will certainly be a lot of talk, speculation, negotiations, positioning and uncertainty for a couple of years, but what happens to us as Europeans and particularly to the relationship between the UK, Europe and the Algarve, Portugal?  While the politicians sort it out, we need to try and make some sense of all this as life goes on and to find some answers we need to keep calm and go back to some basic stuff.

As we are major players in the Algarve Property market we are talking property of course, not politics.

The Algarve will remain open and welcoming to all Europeans and Brits alike and no major changes on any property rights or freedom of movements are envisaged, whatever changes will not impact the Algarve Property market, and will of course take many years to be implemented and your rights will always be guaranteed; this is Europe in whatever shape or form, we will always share this space like we always did.

The United Kingdom relationship and love affair with the Algarve, is over 50 years old and will certainly continue and other Europeans specially the Irish, Germans, Swedish, Dutch and more recently the French have since joined the club and are investing in a big way.

The beautiful sunny Algarve in the south of Portugal, is the best Beach and Golf destinations in Europe and  yet is Europe’s best kept secret: The Algarve remains one of the places whose price per square meter is cheaper, the weather is simply one of the best in the world, the food and the wine are divine, the people are friendly, there is very little crime or pollution and is politically very stable; add to this the fact that there was little or no construction in the last 6 years or more due to the financial crises.

The result is a steady increase in the prices of property since the bottom in 2013/2014, due to the continued demand and much cheaper mortgage rates; the well informed are taking advantage of the still low prices and since the result of the referendum was announced we have actually registered an increase in enquires from across Europe.

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