The Algarve is excited to receive the traditional Popular Saints celebrations this month after an absence of two years as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions.
The following cities will all be hosting their own Popular Saints celebrations – Ferreiras, Castro Marim, Portimão and Quarteira.

The Popular Saints celebrations, known locally as the Festas dos Santos Populares, are amongst the oldest traditions in Portugal. The celebrations honour the three Catholic saints, Peter (São Pedro), Anthony (Santo António) and John (São João). The festivities are celebrated with big parades and street barbecues mainly of local delicious sardines served on bread with wine or beer.



Ferreiras, a Portuguese parish in the municipality of Albufeira, will host the festivities on June 12, 24 and 29. The festivities are due to start at Largas das Ferreiras at 8pm. The council of this parish has announced that there will be lots of fun and entertainment, from the traditional dances, “bailes”, to street parades.


Castro Marim

Castro Marim, located in the South East region of Algarve, will also be hosting the Festas dos Santos Populares festivities which will take place until July 9.
The highlight of the festivities will take place on June 23 at Praça 1º de Maio with the main feature being the Mast Contest, locally called the “Concurso de Mastros”. This is a local tradition where local Associations and Clubs participate in giving their best in rhyming, dancing and decorating their Masts.



This year the tradition returns to Portimão and is reinvented, providing nights of great fun, mixed with the aromas of roasted sardines and basil.
Hundreds of people of all age groups and sectors of society will take part in the festivities and will be joined by thousands of spectators, including residents and visitors.
The following Parades have been planned in Portimão with the following schedule:
- June 10, at 10:00 pm - Mexilhoeira Grande soccer field;
- June 18, at 10:00 pm – old auction house in Portimão;
- June 24, at 10:00 pm - Alvor riverside area
- June 25th, at 10:00 pm - Praia da Rocha, from Miradouro to Fortaleza Santa Catarina, always along Avenida Tomás Cabreira



Unfortunately, Santos Populares of Quarteira, will not be having their traditional parades this year due to the preparation setbacks created by the Covid-19 pandemic.
However, Quarteira will still have street parties, locally known as “arraiais”, to celebrate the festivities.
The first araial will take place on Rua da Cabine on Friday and Saturday (June 10 and 11). Rua da Alegria will also host three ‘arraiais’ on June 12, 23 and 28, while Rua Vasco da Gama will host two on June 17 and 18.
Businesses on Rua Vasco da Gama and Rua Bartolomeu Dias will also be exhibiting costumes worn in past parades between June 10 and 30, while an exhibition of photos from past parades will be displayed at Largo do Centro Autárquico on June 12, 23 and 28 from 10am to 9pm.