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The People

About the Algarve people

There are about 450,000 permanent inhabitants in the area, about 90 residents per square kilometre, although this figure increases to over a million people at the height of summer, due to an influx of tourists both national and international.

The Algarve people are very friendly and welcoming; they love to share their beautiful land and culture with visitors. Most young people and those in the tourism industry speak reasonable English and are used to dealing with an international clientele.

The population is divided into two main groups, those in the interior of the Algarve, making a living mainly in the agricultural sector and those in the coastal regions living mostly of the tourism industry, servicing hotels, golf courses and restaurants.

Most people work in hospitality industry, with over a hundred thousand beds available and over 3 million overnight stays registered in 2012 alone, hospitality is big business here. A steady stream of jobs created by both foreign and domestic tourism, has ensured regular work for a high percentage of the region’s rapidly

growing population. Most natives living in the Algarve are now employed by a business that has some connection to travel or tourism.


The Algarve people welcomes you!