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About the Algarve Lifestyle


The Algarve lifestyle is relaxed and laidback, people go around doing their business at their own pace and enjoy the good weather and good food. It´s a very slow lifestyle!

The Algarve people don’t know any other pace and they seem to enjoy it; the tourists come on holiday exactly looking to slow down and those that come to retire love the peace and quiet.


There are no big factories nor big cities in the Algarve, so there is not much pollution of any kind. Blessed with sunshine year around the residents and visitors alike enjoy an outdoor type of living; activities include going to the beach, playing golf, cycling, sailing, walking and the most famous and most visible, the eating out. The Portuguese café society is part of the culture and you can see it in every restaurant deck, around every corner; everybody is always eating or drinking out somewhere. Nationals, residents and tourist mingle and share this amazing lifestyle enjoying the fabulous food and drink and of celebrating life.


Recently the BBC Capital website released a list of the seven best places in the world to retire, and as has been the case in other similar studies released over the last year, Portugal featured prominently with special mention of the Algarve. BBC’s researcher Roy Budden singled out Portugal along with Panama, France, Malaysia, Malta, Thailand and Belize. The wonderful climate, the golf courses, the beaches, the food and an established expat community were just some of the reasons cited for Portugal being rated as one the best places in the world to retire with the additional benefits of Portugal’s non-habitual residence tax scheme meaning that foreign-sourced pension income can be exempt from income tax for a period of up to 10 years.


The Algarve offers you a quality of life that’s hard to find anywhere. Please join us!