SS Tomaz
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SS Tomaz

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Tomaz, as his friends call him, was raised and lived in Mozambique, East Africa, until the 1974 Portuguese revolution; this led to all colonies, being handed over, to communist regimes that robbed and nationalised all Portuguese owned assets, with the blessing of the then leftist Portuguese government. Time to move on.

He moved to South Africa in 1974, pursued property marketing and from 1980 ran a very successful real estate business and was highly involved in the luxury property market in the exclusive Johannesburg green suburbs.

In 1995, he moved to Vilamoura, Algarve, looking for quality of life; the weather, the place, the food the cosmopolitan population, made it quite easy to adjust.

Tomaz is a hand’s on director, very involved in the everyday running of the company, since its foundation in 1997.
From his offices in the centre of Vilamoura with a very modern, sophisticated but relaxed atmosphere he leads a very professional and highly motivated team of top achievers that share a common vision, to maintain as the #1 in the Algarve Property market.

He likes to travel and most times mixes business with pleasure attending seminars and visiting property, construction and decoration trade shows, all over the world; being informed about property trends and hotspots is part of his life.

He lives with his wife in beautiful Vilamoura.


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