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Thank you for taking the time to read some of my testimonials.
Fabricio Meirelles & Daniela Alle

"The properties that we found on the Algarve Property website were the most appropriate for our interest." "Our experience was excellent." We received all the necessary attention and total dedication from Nuno Saraiva until the end of the purchase process, the necessary services of cleaning, exchange of keys and etc. We would always recommend the services of Nuno of AlgarveProperty.com. "


Arnaldo & Sandra Rotenberg
I have chosen Algarve Property because after contacting many other real estate companies I noted that Algarve Property is more advanced in several aspects, including better professionals, better website and more research facilities in their office. In fact I found Algarve Property office also better of all.
Furthermore I have specifically chosen Nuno Saraiva as he proved to me to be extremely clever, fully understanding our needs and desires. Nuno is highly professional and goes an extra mile to fulfil clients needs. 
I really recommend Algarve Property, and in particular their agent Nuno Saraiva for the brilliant work in selling our apartment, looking forward to have him again in our future dealings in the Algarve.
Steve and Vanessa Lumby

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, searching for property in the Algarve which is outside recently built urbanisations, is challenging in all sorts of ways!

My wife and I were looking for over 10 months and saw lots of properties with lots of different real estate agents. Some were OK and some were less than OK......and that applies to both properties and agents!

Then along comes Nuno Saraiva from Algarve Properties. We found the best property from the best agent! Thanks Nuno......we could not have asked for, nor received, more help, advice and support than you gave us. A credit to his profession and his country!

Steve and Vanessa Lumby




Domingos Barbosa

A troca de casa surgiu por casualidade. Ao estar de férias tive conhecimento que estava á venda um T3 no mesmo prédio, sendo mediadora a Imobiliaria acima mencionada.

Contactei a Imobiliária e fui orientado para o mediador Nuno Saraiva que me esclareceu o que pretendia e pela clareza da informação prestada fiquei com a impressão que estava perante um profissional.Depois, com o evoluir e final do processo, confirmei que, além de profissional, é competente e disponivel para esclarecer e apoiar no que fôr necessário,para que o negócio tenha sucesso.

Foi notório,no acto da escritura,a boa relação com outro colega de profissão (Carlos Lopes) presente no acto e os restantes intervenientes no processo em causa.

Fiquei com opinião muito positiva do profissionalismo,competencia e disponibilidade demonstrada pelo mediador Nuno Saraiva, imobiliária AlgarveProperty e colegas no apoio prestado,pelo que quando precisar recorrerei aos seus serviços e recomendarei aos meus amigos.

Com os melhores cumprimentos,

Domingos Barbosa




Iain Buchan

Buying in Portugal without an understanding of the legal process or the language can be an “interesting” experience. Luckily we worked with NUNO SARAIVA who was a great help in finding the right property and walking through the process with us. He is trustworthy, responsive, reliable, open and honest…. Unreserved recommendation





Pius Müller
We are grateful to Nuno Saraiva, Ricardo Marcos and Algarve property for helping us find what we where looking for in Faro. After a very detailed briefing Nuno came up with a choice of properties out of which, we could fall in love with a place to our liking. Following a first setback (the property got a "reserved status by a friend of the owner") Nuno kept proposing selected similar offers. Half a year later, our dream property got "unreserved". We could finally buy the place within a short time. Communication was easy and the administrative work well executed. To grow our Real estate Boutique Portfolio, we look forward to yet more interesting offers in the Algarve. Nuno knows our taste and helps us save time and expenses. We look forward to another trove since dreams can grow on you.. Pius Müller, Switzerland