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As another service to our clients, elected as a prefered partner UCI - União de Créditos Imobiliários leader in the marketing of mortgage loans through professionals in the Real Estate industry.

As our mortgage loan experts UCI offers:

- Viability analyses of your application
UCI guarantees a detailed analyses of your process without any costs, so that you know what to expect.
At this stage you should worry only about the right investment to fulfil your needs; UCI in conjunction with us as your real estate broker will help find the adequate property.

- Quick financing decisions
After all relevant documentation is in place, the process moves rapidly so you don’t waste time in completing the transaction.
Through an experienced team of solicitors, specialists in mortgage loans, UCI guarantees that an early transfer date.

- Follow up of the process
UCI appoints a mortgage specialist to accompany you during the different phases of the process, answering and dealing with all relevant issues.

- Personalised solutions
As each case is different, UCI adapts the solution to your needs; after you find your property you can chose from an array of proposals and choose the one that best suits you.
Then just sit back and let us take all the necessary steps to wrap up the process in the shortest time possible.

- Flexibility and proximity
Because a mortgage is a long term reality, UCI has an advanced team of specialist to inform or advise you during the full term of the loan.

- Specializing in Mortgage loans
Because UCI is not a normal bank with no standard bank services at all, and specialises only  in mortgages, makes it a particular strong player in the real estate market in Portugal, this is why we believe and recommend UCI as the right partner to help you fulfil your dreams.

For a personalised service contact directly our associate expert Corrinne Ferreira now, buy using the link above, next to her pic!